Meaningful Choices

Helping You and Your Family Create a Meaningful Funeral

This is a naturally difficult time, compounded by the fact that you are faced with many decisions that must be made as you begin to plan the funeral. You may feel overwhelmed by these decisions. But when can make informed choices, you are empowered with the important information needed to plan a meaningful funeral.

This is not the time to deny your need to mourn. Painful feelings of grief are sure to arise in the coming days and should be embraced. You may feel deep sadness as you plan this funeral and begin to acknowledge the reality that someone you love has died and that sadness and acknowledgment are normal. But when all is said and done, you will hopefully feel a deep sense of satisfaction that you helped plan a meaningful tribute or ceremony for someone who meant so much to your own life. And you will be on the path to a healthy grieving process.

Making Informed Funeral Choices

After selecting a funeral home, you and your family will choose the type of funeral service to hold, what will happen to the body and where it will be laid to rest. How a body will be cared for after death is an important decision. Whether you choose burial or cremation, you can use elements of ceremony to honor the life of your loved one and to allow you and your family to say goodbye in a meaningful way.



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